New Client Information


Welcome to Archway Counseling and Consulting, I look forward to working with you. In order to better serve you it is important that I get some background information. This document begins that process.

Please print single pages 2-19 (single-sided) of this document and complete the forms in their entirety. Please review the HIPPA information on pages 20-24. There will be places that will need to be completed in our first session (e.g., there are places where I will need to sign). If you are seeking couples counseling, in addition to the above, print out pages 4-9 for you partner and have them fill out these pages and bring to the first session.

Bring the completed paperwork to your first session, this paperwork covers a wide range of history, and will take about 40-45 minutes to complete. Please allow enough time before our first session to complete. During the first session we will

1) review and sign the legal documents,

2) review the information you provide from the paperwork,

3) spend time getting to know you, and

4) discuss your counseling goals, and outline a plan to best attain those goals.

Our address is 899 Logan Street, Suite 209. The waiting room is contained within the suite. At the time of our appointment, I will look for you in the suite 209 floor waiting room

There are a few visitor parking spots on the south side of the building. They are clearly marked visitor parking, and are available for 2 hours. If the parking lot is full there is street parking on Logan, Pennsylvania and on 9th avenue. Parking on Pennsylvania has two hour free parking.

If you have any questions please contact me at 303.642.6636. I look forward to meeting you.


David Johns, PhD, LPC, LAC, NCC